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Starting Henna & Tattoos
on August at Sugar Studios
1816 S State St, Salt Lake City, UT 84115
(send me a message to know schedule!)

The Art of Henna is not only decoration, it is also healing for the body and soul through being vulnerable and opening the heart to the experience. With the help and support of the artist you can feel comfortable and safe.
Henna paste is extracted from the henna tree (Lawsonia inermis) , with beautiful white flowers, completely Organic and Natural. Think of it as Mother Earth blessing your skin. 
Henna has been a protection and blessing tool for more than 5,000 years for the culture of the Middle East and continues to be for many people today.

I assure you a magical experience beyond just feeling beautiful on the outside, something inside you will also change. ♥

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Since henna is free-styled, I’d love to work with your budget to create unique designs for you. You are by no means limited to the price points specified above. Please feel free to request a quote for your henna if you have anything particular in mind, or if you are unsure of which time slot to choose.

Henna Parties, Events, Baby Showers, Women Circles, etc.

This special service will make your guests remember your event for a long time!

You provide the guests, I’ll bring the henna! I require a table, 2 chairs and a brightly lit area at the henna station.

($50 deposit)


Minimum of 2 Hours

Request for Events

Remember to reserve it as far in advance as possible to lock the day and time. The invoice and the next steps will be sent after arranging details with you via email. Thanks for your preference!

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Questions you might have regarding your henna appointment:

Can I book same day appointments?

Depending upon artist availability, yes, that can be done. Submit a contact Form if you are looking for an urgent henna appointment.

How do I prepare for my henna appointment?

If you are getting henna done for a special event, it is highly recommended to get it done 2-3 days prior to that date, so that your henna stain is at its peak on the event day. Make sure there are NO oils, lotions, moisturizers or body butters on the skin where you will be getting a henna design. Clean, dry skin stains best. Hair-free skin is best for henna application. Remember to perform any hair removal about a day or two in advance for a neat and precise henna design. Come in comfortable clothes you can sleep in, if your appointment is in the evening and you need to keep your henna on overnight. Be prepared to keep the henna paste on for at least 8 to 10 hours.

Can I get a manicure after I get henna done on my hands?

No. It is highly advisable to get all mani/pedi sessions done a day prior to your henna appointment.

Can I drive home after I get henna?

If you are getting henna done on your palms, you will need someone to give you a ride back. I do not recommend driving with henna on your palms as there is a great chance the design will get ruined… in all other cases, yes you can drive back yourself.

Can I shower after getting henna?

Natural henna needs to kept on for 8-10 hours. You must avoid direct water contact for the next 12 + hours after that. Your henna stain will not turn out nice and dark if you shower and wash it off right after your appointment.

How do I take care of my henna?

Click here for detailed after-care instructions for the best possible results.

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