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Thank you for visiting my website! 

I have been in the community creating art and wonderful hennas for a few years and not everyone knows about me. here my brief story.

My Story

Born in Chile, drawing since I started holding a pencil, lover of colors, animations and everything that has to do with movement and dreams, I learned the teachings of the law of attraction when I was fifteen years old, totally changing my life lifting me out of depression and into a world full of possibilities. From that moment I decided that I wanted to start dedicating my life to art and expression... magically moving towards it.

Graduated as a professional Graphic Designer at the INACAP university in Rancagua, Chile, my ambitions seemed bigger than just designing logos for clients, the degree taught me the magic of the audiovisual field and the diversity of design software led me to simply want to create for myself ... over time, I began to have a nice audience.

Thanks to the surprises of life, I was able to travel to the United States in 2014, due to the long wait that immigration procedures entail, I had to settle down working in design positions and other part-time positions in different fields that over time shaped my character, they took me to different parts (luminous and not very luminous) of myself and in the end it reaffirmed what my heart always dreamed of, to continue sharing my art.

Little by little, I began to believe in myself and what my soul was searching for, slowly but surely sharing my illustrations on social networks, then designing my first vinyl stickers and finally daring to sell them at a park fair.

That first day of trying was a success, I came back home with a huge smile on my face already imagining and planning my next move for the next week, I started dreaming and taking action even being at my 9 to 5 job, carrying my notebooks drawing and creating my next products. "where the imagination is, the body and the environment will go with you"

Practicing hard (already a year behind the scenes) all the properties, compositions, art history of henna, it soon became a part of me. Integrating my first henna sessions a year after hours and hours and hours and hours of hard work and study.

COVID hit the entire planet and it was the moment of all or nothing. My salary job had to stop and once again a smile was planted in my soul, I knew it was time for my next move...converting from my "hobby almost second half income" to my full time first love.

And now I can say that, thanks to believing in myself, believing in the incredible power of the mind and creation and also an enormous help from those I love and the people who trusted me, what I do and deliver... I have been able to continue with this dream day by day.

My mission is to continue providing a quality service where people can feel at ease, comfortable, open their hearts and heal parts of them in henna sessions. Henna has been known for years for its protective and healing properties... and the added value is also the process of how it all goes together.

My vision is to make this world a kinder, more innocent and loving place... it sounds very utopian, but I know that little by little, person by person, we can deliver loving energy and expand it throughout the world.

Thank you so much for reading me. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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